For Businesses

Webinars and group coaching individualised for your members or staff

Running a wellness initiative at work and want to educate your staff?

Keen to help your group fitness members with their nutrition? 

Nutrition Webinar first week

This session covers all the nutrition basics to set your members or staff up for the coming weeks. It covers:- 

- essential foundations that you need to have in place before going any further

- protein, food volume and portioning

- water, sleep and stress

- mindset and consistency

- fat loss theory

Group Live Q&A every week

Following on from the webinar are weekly Live Q&A sessions answering nutrition questions from members or staff whilst delivering in depth nutrition information


In addition to the weekly Q&A sessions:

Interacting with members or staff in a group page

Weekly recipes and action steps

Sunday check ins

Anything else that can be tailored specifically for your business


Discounted Nutrition Coaching

Any members or staff who want more individualised guidance can sign up to Nutrition Coaching at a discounted rate


Hosted on Zoom, Facebook Live or any other online platform

$10 +gst a week per member

Paid by weekly lump sum or by members individually

From our business clients and their members

"Very knowledgeable, well presented in a manner that was easy to understand" 

"Very relevant and relatable to what [I was] interested in"

"Very informative - learnt lots" 

"Information delivered in an easy to understand 'no frills' way"

"Great seminar, very informative. Feel like I'm on the right track now I know what I need to do to tweak it and get better results. Thanks James & Kate!"

"Very educational - presentation was fantastic"

"Awesome presentation. Straight to the point. Nice & simple. Easy to listen to and soak up the info" 

Fat Loss Fundamentals seminar attendees