Online Courses

 Beginner and intermediate online nutrition courses

You are:- 

- wanting to grow your nutrition knowledge


- self motivated and happy learning with minimal external guidance


- someone who prefers to learn at their own pace

We have been working closely with clients for years and during that time have seen what works and what doesn't. Rather than you trying to work it out for yourself, we have collated everything and put it into an easy to follow method designed to get your nutrition and lifestyle sorted for good. 


More often than not, you don't actually need more information. What you really need is an effective way to finally put that information into practice and have it stick. Our courses are designed to do just this. We not only teach you the why behind each aspect of nutrition, we teach you the HOW.


You will learn how to implement lifestyle changes so that you can actually stick with them long term. You will form permanent habits, rather than just doing something for a week or two then stopping. Don't do this alone, let us help you. 

Here are our two different course options:


$70 +gst

one off


- basics of nutrition -

Level Up

$80 +gst

one off


- tracking food -

You are:- 


- just starting out on your health and lifestyle journey 

- wanting to start at the beginning by learning the theory behind how nutrition works

- overwhelmed with all the information out there and don't know where you are going wrong


This is an 8 day course which is delivered via one video lesson a day. It is designed for people who are at the beginning of their journey towards better health. If you aren't sure where to start or don't know what level you are at, this is most likely the course for you.

You are:- 


- confident with your base understanding of nutrition 

- already doing the basics of 7+ hours sleep, 2L+ water and managed stress

- wanting to take your nutrition to the next level to see better results


This is a 12 day course which is delivered via one video lesson a day. It is designed for people who have got the basics of nutrition down and are now ready to take it up a notch. Ideally you would have already done some work with us, either group coaching or Fundamentals. 

Both Fundamentals and Level Up courses also include the following:

Printable workbook

Download and print the video slides to follow along during the videos and write notes




Group chat

Talk to others doing the course with you to get tips and keep each other accountable




Mobile app 

Easy to use on your phone to watch each lesson and follow the modules as they are released


Concrete action steps

Clear actionable steps to tick off in your app once you have completed them



New recipes and recipe library with high protein and calorie managed meals


Weekly planner

Optional weekly planner pad to fill out your plan for the coming week and put on your fridge

Future goal setting

A refocus at the end of the course to see how you got on and set clear goals going forward

Habit and progress tracking

Food diary and lifestyle journal on your app so you can stick to your habits and stay consistent


Access to nutritionist

Direct access to our nutritionist through 1-1 messaging on our app


What you will be learning during each lesson in this course

Lesson 1 - Energy Balance

Energy balance theory and what 'energy in' vs 'energy out' actually means.


Lesson 2 - Macronutrients

What are the three macronutrients and which ones you should be focusing on. 


Lesson 3 - Sleep

Why sleep is absolutely essential to get right and how to upgrade your nightly routine.


Lesson 4 - Portioning

The importance of food volume to keep you full and how to portion your meals. 


Lesson 5 - Hydration

The game changer of hydration and why it makes such a difference to your day to day life.


Lesson 6 - Efficiency

Making things easy at the supermarket, bulk cooking, leftovers and quick meals.

Lesson 7 - Environment

Editing your home environment and improving your weekend routines. 

Lesson 8 - Consistency

How to actually get balance and make being 'consistent' realistic to you.

Level Up

What you will be learning during each lesson in this course

Lesson 1 - Why tracking works 

The theory behind food tracking and why it is an effective way to get results.

Lesson 2 - How to track food properly

How to make sure you are using MyFitnessPal correctly to get accurate numbers.

Lesson 3 - Traps and time saving strategies 

Making tracking quick and easy so that it isn't a daily chore. 

Lesson 4 - Calorie deficit or surplus 

What is a calorie deficit or a calorie surplus and which one should you be aiming for.

Lesson 5 - How to create it

Creating a calorie deficit or surplus on a consistent day to day basis.

Lesson 6 - Flexibility

Incorporating flexibility without having to 'eat clean' or follow 'the plan'. 

Lesson 7  - Protein target

The importance of protein and how to set your own protein target to maintain muscle.



Lesson 8 - Fibre target

Setting a fibre target to ensure that you remain full with great food quality.


Lesson 9  - Supplementation

A brief look at supplementation and what we do and don't recommend. 

Lesson 10 - Length of deficit or surplus

How long does your calorie deficit or surplus actually need to be.


Lesson 11 - Maintenance / reverse diet 

When to stop to take a maintenance break and how to reverse diet.


Lesson 12 - Monitoring progress

The best way to monitor your progress and tweak as you go along.


Some more information about how the courses work