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Nutrition, training and lifestyle coaching for millennials who want to feel better, look better and finally get themselves sorted


want to lose body fat but always find yourself 'starting again on Monday' with your nutrition

would like to gain more definition but aren't seeing progress with your exercise

have no energy and are worried about getting older and things being even harder

What if we told you we knew EXACTLY what you need to do to start losing fat and gaining muscle?

All we need is 30 minutes of your time a week.

You book out the time in your calendar. We coach you step by step through the rest.

Here's how you can work with us:


Group Coaching

Live group coaching alongside

The Blueprint programme

$20+gst p/w


1-1 Coaching

Our premium service with one on one individualised guidance

$35/$60+gst p/w


Strength Training

Online strength training programme in eight week blocks 

$10+gst p/w


Nutrition 101

Seminar, webinar or group coaching for members or staff 

$160+gst p/h


Feed My Fitness

Online nutrition course for young athletes


Lose body fat
You now finally understand the what, why, when and how of losing body fat and are able to maintain that loss long term

Gain muscle

You are now effectively resistance training, and as a result have reached new levels of strength, body composition and quality of life 

Feel energised

You have created lasting behaviours that are second nature, underpinned by the right mentality which ensures you are consistent for years to come 

Easily accessible from wherever you are

- join video coaching sessions from your phone

- complete the monthly goal setting forms

- watch all our recorded coaching sessions


- recipe library with high protein and nutritionally balanced options

- record your workouts and watch all training videos

- track your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits

- sync any of your wearables to monitor your steps and sleep patterns

- direct access to us through 1-1 messaging

What our clients say about working with us

"In July I was at a point where I was training and training (probably over training) and getting fitter yes, but seeing the visual results that I wanted to come with it were proving a little harder for me to progress on. After talking to a close friend I decided to contact James and Kate at NTS and begin working with James on a weekly basis as my nutritionist. 


With some amazing advice and a few tweaks here and there, plus a little more organisation added to my weekly nutrition, I started to feel better and see results! James made it super easy and honestly helped improve the whole perspective I had when it came to food.


Food is not the enemy, if anything it is the biggest tool you have towards your goals and a healthy lifestyle. I personally had some struggles with food at a younger age and have been on quite the journey to gain a healthy relationship with food again, James has really put the icing on the cake and I now have oodles of confidence and excitement when it comes to food. 


Speaking of icing on cake... I might go have some because James says it's about balance and he couldn’t be more right. You can have ya cake and eat it too. 


Thanks NTS Nutrition for making food choices fun, easy and sustainable, and for giving me the tools to begin seeing more results in my training. Food and I are friends again.”

Prinita Smyth

We aren't interested in:

Quick fix 'fad' diets, cutting out food groups or strict meal plans

Excessive exercise, 'no pain no gain' or random ineffective training

Overnight life 180's, 'cheating' on 'the plan' or an 'all in' approach

Why 'this time around' you will actually get where you want to be:

All in One

Everything you need to succeed is here in one place. Good nutrition, strength training and solid lifestyle habits are the winning formula. Completely online and easy to do on your app no matter where you are.





James is a Registered Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with 10+ years experience in personal training and nutrition. He has a Bachelor in Human Nutrition and a Bachelor in Exercise Prescription & Management.





Proper strength training, sustainable nutrition and practical lifestyle changes all done in a long lasting way driven by the right mindset. Our smart habit based model means we coach you through everything step by step.



Do everything from the comfort of your own home. All sessions are recorded and available at any time which means the coaching is completely self paced. It fits around your schedule, not the other way around.


We know your name and message you directly. You have complete access to a nutritionist at your fingertips, have input on what you want to learn more about and receive answers to your direct questions every week.

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