Kia ora!

We are Kate and James


We met at Otago University and have been together ever since, with our two furbabies Izzy and Alfie joining the family later on. After university we moved to Southland, where James worked as a Personal Trainer and Kate as a solicitor.


In 2019 we teamed up to open NTS Nutrition together, with James bringing in his nutrition knowledge and Kate her business background.  At the end of 2020 we made the big move up to Nelson! We took NTS Nutrition with us and now are completely based online. 

Our primary focus is on making nutrition sustainable and long lasting, and we are firm believers in creating a realistic plan that suits each individual. We love seeing firsthand the effect of improved nutrition on people’s progress, health and quality of life. 


Good coaching is about meeting someone where they're at and starting from there. We will work closely with you to find an approach that works, taking into account the bigger picture of your life to ensure that our advice is both realistic and effective.

Kate is our business brains and runs NTS from behind the scenes

Bachelor of Laws

James is our Registered Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Bachelor in Human Nutrition | Bachelor in Exercise Prescription & Management

"I came to see James because I was feeling so flat before, during and after I trained. I was trying to over train and under eat and when I did eat, it was sugar I was after. Chocolate and lollies mainly, my body was crying out for some carbohydrates.


After one appointment with James he found the source of the problem and gave me the honest truths I needed to hear and we went from there. One month down the track I feel so much better when I train, I feel stronger and fuller. Who knew eating more could make you thinner!


I am eating more than I ever had before and my weight hasn’t increased like I suspected but because of the good whole food I am putting into my body, my body likes it! James honest no BS approach worked for me and in the following sessions he gave me tips on how to increase my meals and particular things to add to post and pre train meals.


I would highly recommend Nourish Sustain Train to anyone looking to achieve long term goals and look after their health wellbeing and body ! Happy customer."

Rosie Brown

What our clients say about working with us


This is a safe and inclusive space for everyone.
We do not accept racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination.
We call out any micro-aggressions immediately and without apology.


We LOVE women, in fact the majority of our clients are women.
While on one hand this is upsetting as women face a disproportionate amount of pressure about their bodies (and men often don't feel like they can ask for help), we give women autonomy to make their own decisions and support them wherever they are at. 

Working with us

Why are we different?


Each appointment won't cost you hundreds of dollars. 


James is a Registered Nutritionist. Nutrition is all we do, it's not just a generic add on.


Our coaching is based on what will suit YOU. It doesn't mean giving up everything you enjoy. 


Completely online, be coached from anywhere without losing the 1-1 attention you need.


Our environmental commitment

As we work from home our main business related environmental contributor is our power use. Our power provider is Ecotricity which provides 100% renewable and carbonzero certified electricity sourced from wind, hydro and solar.

We make a monthly donation to Co-Benefits who fund climate action projects. 


We don’t have a commute and we mainly use our e bikes to get around.


We buy most of our supplements from Nothing Naughty which is a sustainably minded NZ based company.


We are constantly aiming to reduce our environmental footprint and still have lots of work to do in this space!