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Watch below to find out how to lose fat

Audit Results

Thank you for completing the Lifestyle Audit!


See where you are sitting with your overall health below (all answers are out of 100):

If you scored:

Under 50

Your result is:


C's get degrees. Everyone started somewhere. Don't stress about the bigger picture, just start small by tackling a basic habit like upping your water intake.

If you scored:


Your result is:


Now we're talking. Your foundation is set and you are putting up the walls. Focus on getting sleep, main meals and deliberate exercise up to 90% consistency.

If you scored:


Your result is:


You've made a start and that's the hardest part. Keep that momentum going by getting your first meal of the day sorted. Check out our Blog tab for some ideas.

If you scored:


Your result is:


What a champion. Improvement from here is largely optional. Learn energy balance and implement structured resistance training as optional next steps.

If you scored:


Your result is:


Every house starts with a good foundation, which you are well on your way to building. Double down on consistently getting a protein source in at your main meals.

If you scored:


Your result is:


Who are you and why are you doing this audit? In all seriousness, you are a boss and don't need much advice from us. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing.

We hope this gives you a good picture of where you are sitting with your overall health. Where to now?


We are very excited to be able to give you access to one of the first lessons in our Blueprint programme which is all about ENERGY BALANCE. It is your calorie consumption relative to your calorie expenditure that determines any change in body weight. Put simply, if you consume less calories than you expend each day, you will lose fat.

You can watch the lesson below. Alternatively if you want to talk to us about your Audit results in more depth and find out exactly how to improve your score, check out our services to see how we can best help you.


Hopefully talk soon, Kate and James

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