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What a Week

Weekly planner A4 sized with 50 sheets

Do you always tell yourself that ‘Monday’ is the day you will start to eat healthy and exercise? But by Wednesday you have railroaded yourself and feel guilty for once again not sticking to your goals.


You promise yourself that NEXT Monday is the day you will get back on track again.⁠...

We know how deflating and frustrating this cycle can be and just how exhausting it is. That's why we created our What a Week planner. This tool is all about setting yourself up for success every single week.


It's about taking the time every Sunday to sit down with a cup of tea (and maybe even a snack), look at how your week has gone and then think about the week ahead. 


Planning and tracking is the absolute best way to reach your goals. We have put all the consistent weekly habits you need into one place.⁠ No more wondering what you should be doing, it's all here for you.

Our weekly planner allows you to: ⁠


- set a focus for the week⁠

- keep your overall goal in mind

- schedule de stress and food shop days

- plan your main meals and snacks⁠


- record macronutrients


- monitor steps and weight training

- track your sleep ⁠and stress levels

- set your own progress metrics

The planner is A4 sized with 50 sheets per planner so it will last you for the whole year. Let's get planning.

$30 + shipping

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