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“As well as all of the action steps, Q&A sessions, recipes etc. [you] guys put up on the group page, I really loved the other information you put up on your social media stories!


Not only was it sometimes a bit different to what you were teaching us through the challenge, it also kept me constantly in check which was what I needed 😅


It was also really refreshing to be reminded that it is totally normal to eat crap sometimes and not feel guilty about it and ways to work around situations where that may happen eg. ‘spending’ less calories during the week to allow for more in the weekend.”

Group Coaching member

“Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge and advice! I have found you guys extremely helpful “


“Thanks for being a part of it all. Your insights and advice have been very useful.”


“Highly recommend working with these guys. I have the last four weeks and what a difference so many useful tips. Thanks guys.”


“Thank you for becoming a part of The HIIT Studio community! You've delivered some unreal knowledge and information for the team and we've seen some amazing achievements come from this. I can't wait to have you guys back for our next challenge!”

Group Coaching members

“Just jumping on here to say a massive thank you to NTS Nutrition.  In July I was at a point where I was training and training (probably over training) and getting fitter yes, but seeing the visual results that I wanted to come with it were proving a little harder for me to progress on.


After talking to a close friend I decided to contact James and Kate at Nourish Train Sustain and begin working with James on a weekly basis as my nutritionist. With some amazing advice and a few tweaks here and there plus a little more organisation added to my weekly nutrition I started to feel better and see results! James made it super easy and honestly helped improve the whole perspective I had when it came to food.


Food is not the enemy, if anything it is the biggest tool you have towards your goals and a healthy lifestyle. I personally had some struggles with food at a younger age and have been on quite the journey to gain a healthy relationship with food again, James has really put the icing on the cake and I now have oodles of confidence and excitement when it comes to food. 


Speaking of icing on cake... I might go have some because James says it's about balance and he couldn’t be more right. You can have ya cake and eat it too.  Thanks NTS Nutrition for making food choices fun, easy and sustainable, and for giving me the tools to begin seeing more results in my training. Food and I are friends again, as you can see by all the photos of some of my latest creations.”

Prinita Smyth

"I jumped on board with James looking to clean up my nutrition and make the most of my training sessions leading into the NZPF Nationals.


With the knowledge and skills James had to offer, I was not only able to increase performance during training but also cut weight to make sure the body weight was right come comp day.


[James] being able to offer game day nutritional support made a huge difference when max effort and energy output was required, which ultimately led to one of my personal best performances to date.


Would highly recommend James for any nutritional needs."


Kale Thompson

"I can't recommend James Hooper-Smith and Kate Wilkinson enough.


 I've learnt so much about food, made lots of changes week by week to achieve some goals this is not a fab diet or a quick fix it's a lifestyle! We are no where near finish either ❤ Enjoying the journey."


Misty Jarvis

"As a busy mum, for years I’ve lived life at 100 miles an hour to keep up with the demands of work, family and personal needs! As a result, I would find myself not eating during the day as I am often “too busy to eat”, then I’d find myself gorging on whatever’s convenient in the pantry when I get home - which was usually junk! 

This year in particular I’d noticed I lacked a bit of energy, often fatigued which was impacting my training sessions, mood and motivation!! Since working with James he’s helped me to set in place some simple and super useful routines!! I just needed someone to keep accountable to and his tips were just why didn’t I think of that! Simple is what works for me and that’s what James gave me."

Noella Flowers

"I would 110% recommend James. I came to James feeling so flat and like I was making no improvements with the amount of work I was doing. James had a solution that works well for me and my body, both food and exercise wise.


I still use all the advice and knowledge that I learnt from him over the few months sorting what works and doesn’t work for my body and still noticing improvements!! Thanks so much James, couldn’t recommend enough."

Laura Dennis

"We have been a part of [NTS] and their nutritionist James for 9 months. We would highly recommend this service to both couples and individuals. From a couples’ perspective, we found James key to our success thus far. We have tried many weight loss regimes both individually and as a couple with some success but ultimately never sustaining hence why we found ourselves in James’ office.

Where do we start with how important James has been to us on our lifestyle change? As a couple, James helped us achieve a major breakthrough by getting us on the same page with nutrition, workouts, meal preparation and supporting each other. This is crucial to both people being successful.

We also loved James’ non-judgemental approach, which helped us immensely to work honestly through plans and adjustments to find a plan that was sustainable with our busy lifestyle. Through the adjustments we had barriers that would get in our way: some were excuses; some were things we did not know how to deal with, but James always had sound advice, that when we put into practice, worked perfectly.

Once again we would highly recommend  [NTS] for healthy living, discipline, accountability and important nutritional advice. We would advocate this service for those who want a sustaining nutritional lifestyle with the benefits of maintaining weight loss and good health. We thank both James and Kate for an amazing service, great advice and helping us achieve a better nutritional lifestyle."


Cain and Jennifer Henry 

"Could not recommend James enough! He is so knowledgeable and has a solution for everything! I have learnt so much and my food choices have never been better :-)


I came to James after not being hungry after training and then binging later on, we worked through this and now I have plenty of options when training! Thanks James (and Kate!!)"

Maggie Harrington

"I went to see James for a free consultation when I signed with Snap Fitness. My intention was to go, get a few ideas and leave it at that. After meeting James and seeing how realistic, honest and knowledgeable he was, I decided to sign up. 


James read me well and we started slow and steady, meal ideas, tracking, measurements and now weighing myself. This has all been done with his encouragement and support.  The knowledge that I have gained from James has helped me change the way I think about the scales and also gain knowledge of the food I am consuming and the nutrient value that it offers. But the best part is the way that James delivers it, I have ownership over what I eat and he is also realistic that there will be odd occasions where I indulge. 

Since we have 'upped the anti' and started tracking everything and weighing myself daily, my weight has consistently dropped. This is because I know what foods to consume that are good for me nutritionally (and the ones that are just straight good for the soul) and the fear of weighing myself daily has been taken away. 

James is a straight shooter which I like and I walk away from every session with another tit bit of knowledge that is going to help me sustain the changes I have made. For the first time (after trying many diets) I feel equipped with the right tools and confident that this change is a forever change and not a 'hit and goal' and go back to the old ways like other diets I have been on. 

Couldn't recommend him enough!!"

Andrea Mulligan

"I came to see James because I was feeling so flat before, during and after I trained. I was trying to over train and under eat and when I did eat it was sugar I was after. Chocolate and lollies mainly, my body was crying out for some carbohydrates.


After one appointment with James he found the source of the problem and gave me the honest truths I needed to hear and we went from there. Month down the track I feel so much better when I train, I feel stronger and fuller. Who knew eating more could make you thinner ! I am eating more than I ever had before and my weight hasn’t increased like I suspected but because of the good whole food I am putting into my body my body likes it!


James honest no BS approach worked for me and in the following sessions he gave me tips on how to increase my meals and particular things to add to post and pre train meals. I would highly recommend Nourish Sustain Train to anyone looking to achieve long term goals and look after their health, well being and body ! Happy customer."

Rosie Brown

"Thank you so much James. I really appreciated your patience and understanding, supporting me in my busy and somewhat crazy lifestyle I find myself in just now. I still came away each week feeling inspired having gained something new and tools to introduce that week that were achievable. I loved building on one thing at a time and introducing something different the next.


I would highly recommend this programme and especially to those people that lead busy lives, busy Mums and people that find they are time poor. Thank you!"

Kickstart programme attendee

"Just finished my 6 week kick start with James. Cannot recommend enough. Very knowledgeable. Definitely gave me the kick I needed!!"



"Learned a lot from James, easy to communicate with and has great knowledge. Amazing what a few tweaks here and there does, thank you."

Kickstart programme attendees

"I highly recommend training with James. He was methodical in building up a program for me to do on my own, to strengthen my back after a reoccurring disk bulge injury. I now feel confident to go to the gym on my own and build strength safely, with a backup plan for maintaining strength when my injury flares up."

Sylvie Boutelje-Chasteau

"James is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge! He has gone above and beyond to understand my physical limitations/injuries (both pre and post operative), creating a safe and supportive training environment. James has really challenged me but in a way where nothing feels too difficult - he encourages me to work hard and to push myself past any preconceived boundaries. 

I have not only thoroughly enjoyed our training sessions but I have achieved more than I thought I was capable of and I look forward to seeing what I can achieve in the future with James' help. His in depth guidance on nutrition as well as exercise means that James has a high level of expertise and the ability to help a wide variety of people. I couldn't be more pleased to have chosen James as a personal trainer and I highly recommend him to anyone considering working with a PT."

Jacqui Coatsworth

"I trained by myself for a while before I signed up with James-and what an incredible experience it has been so far. I know the basics of Bodybuilding and a few new approaches but have learned so much from James. I have learned a lot about approaching exercises from different angles and how to make it more challenging if it becomes too easy. I have also learned the dynamics of muscle growth for my body and what will work to achieve my goals.

I really enjoy James's commitment and drive to teach clients how to perform exercises properly setting us up to work independently on days when we train by ourselves. I have drawn great inspiration and motivation from James's tertiary educated, very skilled and sofisticated approach to training. James's friendly and kind nature makes every training session worthwhile and enjoyable. No wonder he has a waiting list! Thank you James for having shared my journey so far- Thank you for all your support, encouragement and kindness throughout my competition season. You helped make my year more outstanding and memorable! All the best for your future ahead - with gratitude from my family and I."

Maria Oliphant-O'Donnell

"After 25+ years of sitting at a desk, throw in a knee replacement and with another one pending I decided it was time to do something to help myself. That's where James came in. Two months later and while I have a long way to go, I am stoked with my progress. James is so patient and encouraging – many of the exercises he has me doing now I would never have thought I could do.


James has been on the receiving end of a few of my ‘you have got to be joking” looks but he breaks it down and slowly takes me through the exercise. It makes so much more sense when he explains the “why” behind the exercise rather than just the “how”.


James knowledge around the nutritional side of things is the same. His suggestions are much easier to follow when I understand the reasons behind them. I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays – and could not recommend James more highly. A+ from me!"

Lynne Gray

"I've tried a few trainers over the years, James is without a doubt the best PT I've ever worked with.


He listens and caters to individuals and really cares about helping you to make sustainable change. James takes the time to make sure you are doing the basics correctly, then works on stepping things up and adding variation. I've strengthened muscles I never knew were there.


My situation has changed while training with James and he has taken the time to research and then adapt things so I can continue to train with him. He is a super dedicated and awesome trainer that I would recommend to anyone!"


Cassandra Pickering

"I have been going to the gym for a few years now and asked James if he would help me with my posture and form.

He has great knowledge of the human body and puts together programmes to suit individual clients. I love a challenge and enjoy working with resistance bands!

James is a highly organised, professional trainer who provides challenge and motivation. Southland is lucky to have him!"

Margaret Erikson

"After coming to the end of an 8 week challenge at Snap, I was looking for something that would keep me motivated. My weekly sessions with James have done just that. James listened to what I wanted and has given me a range of programmes that are quick and easy to follow.


He always listens to my feedback and is happy to make adjustments so that I am comfortable with the exercises I am doing. I would thoroughly recommend James as a personal trainer."


Megan Robertson 

"I have finally arrived at the end of my weight loss journey. It's still hard to believe that I actually made it and it was all thanks to James, my personal trainer. I started weekly training at the beginning of the year.


With his encouragement, patience, and boy did he need some to put up with me sometimes, nutrition advice and exercise programs that he created made it all possible.


So if you are looking to lose weight or just to get fit and healthy and are prepared to work hard then I highly recommend James as a personal trainer to get the results that you want."

Vivian Murcott

"I've had a few trainers since becoming a gym regular about 5 years ago. This year I decided I needed a change of programme and boy I'm glad I chose James to prepare a 6 day split for me. I love my new programme and I saw and felt results almost immediately.

James is professional, punctual, knowledgeable and continues to help with my progress when he sees me working out. Basically he actually cares about your progress. I have no hesitations in recommending him to anyone who needs any sort of gym assistance."


Fiona Ward 

"Approx 4.5 months ago I started with James and what a ride it's been. James has pushed me to a level that I never believed I could possibly every reach...39 years old with a slim toned size 10 body ..


Yeah right I thought, but with James' perseverance, patience and guidance I have achieved exactly that! In just 5 weeks I lost 5cm around my hips and 8cm around my waist thanks to James creating a well planned out exercise plan for me as well as a healthy balanced diet.


James truly is a professional, I look forward to our sessions as I know each one is another step closer to even better more exciting results. Thanks James, I have had a lot of laughs with you and look forward to more gruelling sessions in the new year."


Sonya Terry

"I began seeing James after 3 months of zero exercise due to illness. Starting when you feel back beyond square one can be a daunting task but I couldn’t have started with a better trainer! James knew exactly what I needed, the sessions he created and programs that he set were at a perfect level for me.


I have never worked with such a knowledgeable trainer who explains so well the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ your body and muscles do what they do and in-turn why I was doing the specific exercises. Weeks where my energy levels have flat-lined James has changed up the session to make it a valuable learning time around technique and helped me feel like I was still getting somewhere!


Always encouraging when its time to step it up a notch, James really motivates you to get the best out of yourself and find that little bit more you didn’t know you had. James is so dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and is just plain awesome! I honestly couldn’t recommend anyone any higher!" 


Amy Robertson

"After having huge success in loosing weight and feeling good about myself a couple of years ago, I dropped it all and went back to my old habits and put on everything I had lost, 20kg plus more!


After realising that I needed to change my life and get back to a healthier lifestyle in August this year, I started training at Anytime Fitness, Invercargill. Needing to do more than just a bit of cardio, I started looking for a trainer that could provide me with skills, knowledge, motivation, and expertise to push me and reach my goals. James fitted this criteria perfectly.


Getting to know James over the past three months has been a privilege. He has given me great technique in lifting weights around the gym, supported me in my diet, provided excellent knowledge of the fitness industry and been a fun guy to have a joke with while still being professional... and... I have lost about 12kg in 12 weeks from hard work with James and from the programmes he has given me.

James is well educated with his degrees and has shared his desire to be a better person each day (I need to start reading more!).Thanks, James!" 


Ryan Baronian

"James is brilliant at what he does, together with his guidance and nutritional knowledge I lost 9kg in just 8 weeks, I still use what he has taught me everyday. I couldn't recommend him any higher."

Mattew Rance

"Friendly, genuine, professional and absolutely brilliant PT who is committed to helping you achieve your goals. I thoroughly recommend James"


"Highly recommend, very friendly. Great at building your confidence in the gym and his humour and knowledge makes training fun."

Kerrie Macale


"Professional, prompt and really knows his stuff. Highly recommended!!

Ursula Brunold

"I have always been a bit of a gym regular, but my routine was getting a little familiar and lacking in variety. I decided to see James as had heard great things about him. I wasn't disappointed.


An absolute professional who knows a lot about health, nutrition and fitness, and took into consideration my busy career and the challenges that shift work can pose. After just a few sessions I felt stronger and fitter, and had a new exercise programme to use when I moved overseas.


Would recommend him to anybody. You won't regret it!"

Kimberley W 

"Started training with James in October as part of the 8 week challenge. Have found him to be very helpful in all areas - nutrition, weight loss and strength training. He has a wealth of knowledge and has helped a lot with tips and exercises to further improve my strength training."


Vanessa Bradley

"James is always supportive and positive and has the ability to motivate me even when I’m not really feeling up to training hard after shift work. I acquired an injury from work 7 months ago and no amount of physio has helped. After speaking with James and doing some testing he was able to pin point my problems and put together a rehabilitation programme for me to work on. I have strengthened that area to the point where I am now pain free.


James is big on correct technique and posture also. I would highly recommend James, he definitely he knows his stuff. He is very professional and motivating and makes each session fun and different."


Dee Docherty

"Always struggled with weight and fitness and James has got me focused and back on track to a fitter and healthier life. I have lost 12kgs since New Years thanks to his ability to just about make exercise enjoyable.


As well as making sure that each PT session is invigorating and challenging his nutritional support has motivated me to work towards my goals. I would recommend James to anyone wanting to make positive lifestyle changes."


Kim Sutherland

"James is a very professional and motivating personal trainer with expert knowledge focusing on achieving your goals and ensuring that you do the exercises correctly with easy to follow instruction's along with the bonus of explanation's of what muscles you are using to nutritional advise that is simple and realistic.


As a health professional I was struggling getting my fitness to the "next level' and really didn't know what to do. James has given me so much insight into my potential and I am super motivated feeling the strength and fitness gains so far and I love the way he just gets you to push yourself a little each session. A definite investment with an excellent return!


Michelle Muir

"This guy doesn't get paid enough (well actually it's not bad $$) for what he puts up with from me, the whinging and swearing can get a bit rural but he is very patient, very encouraging, actually listens when you are speaking and genuinely loves what he does, I had my previous trainer for a long time and there was only me and her at our sessions so was very hesitant about going into a gym situation with a guy who is my sons age! 


But James is brilliant. He tailors the routine to the individual allowing for prior injuries, fitness level, weight etc. so you don't come away wreaked and can't move for a week after. He is committed so don't go unless you are too, you will waste your time, his time and your money. So if you want a trainer who will work with you to achieve the goals you have set together, encourage you with your eating plan (he checks my food diary every week) and does it with encouragement, supportive words, texts and much humour (sometimes it's pity laughs) and not hard to look at (I don't look I'm far too old but thought I could add that for potential younger clients) then James is your man!


Quick shout out to the Snap Fitness manager Shane too as he is awesome! The whole gym is very welcoming and friendly, it's a good size, not too big and the equipment is new and clean.


Debbie Hall

" I have to be honest and say I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with the gym. Struggling with health and sleep issues have in the past held me back and given me an “excuse”. James has been not only motivating but has taken the time to get to the heart of these issues – not seeing them as an excuse but something to work around.


He works hard to provide well thought out programs and makes each session fun and motivating. He is dedicated to his clients and definitely knows his stuff – explaining the exercises we do and why we are doing them, all while making sure technique is correct. I cannot recommend him enough … if you are looking for a trainer, look no further."


Liz Kennedy

"I found James very motivating and encouraging. I have learn't a lot from James, not just through exercise but nutrition as well. I have been taught how to not rely solely on the machines at the gym.


He is a kind and caring and makes sure you are doing things the right way, if not he corrects you. I highly recommend James as a Personal Trainer to achieve results like I have.


Dawn Harvey 

"I've had many trainers over the last 10 years and really thought I knew what I was doing. James has reeducated me right from the word go.


No longer do niggly injuries hold me back or cause me issues, I'm excited and passionate about the gym again and looking forward to each session! If you want someone who really knows their stuff, He's your man!"


Natasha King 

"Started at Snap in early December '15, weighing 93.7 kg, was very fortunate to have started with James as a personal trainer, after some initial discussion James designed a program to reduce fat and build lean muscle, 4 months later currently weigh 82 kg and have some abs showing, seemed pretty quick to happen really. 


James is the type of young person who restores faith in the younger generation, a true professional who is sincerely dedicated to training and achieving the best results for his clients, returns messages 7 days a week always able to motivate and encourage even on the days where you may not feel so great about progress. A well rounded professional who I'm picking will have a bright future, anyone who leads by example in such a dedicated way is sure to have."


Blair Terry 

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