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Biscoff Cheesecake


2 lotus biscoff biscuits or any malt or wine biscuit

Splash of almond milk

180g soy or cow yoghurt

½ scoop protein powder of any flavour

1 tablespoon melted biscoff spread or any chocolate or peanut butter spread


Crush the biscuits and mix with a splash of almond milk to make the base

Put base mixture into the bottom of a ramekin or small bowl

Mix the yoghurt and protein powder together until smooth then layer on top of biscuit base

Melt the biscoff or chocolate or peanut butter spread and lather on top

Freeze for 5 - 10 minutes


Total serves: 1

Per serve:

Calories 336

Protein 29.9g

Carbohydrate 25g

Fat 13.2g


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